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6 Ways to Restore Trust in Recovery

When people decide to go from addiction to recovery, one of the difficult parts is learning to trust. When you’re in recovery, you need to learn to use your core values and trust your own judgment again. Sometimes, people forget they are able to make positive decisions for themselves because they get caught up in the drama of their addicted life. Being in a relationship with an addict in recovery can be difficult if you don’t have the support you need.

  • If they are under professional treatment this will get better with time and patience.
  • If not, a relationship could end up in worse shape.
  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes and committing to adopting healthier habits is a huge step toward healing.
  • It’s important to understand that the person’s lies or secretive behavior aren’t about you or even your loved one’s morals or values.

Likewise, people need to form bonds with those around them to beat substance abuse. Once life begins to stabilize and you’re able to think clearly in recovery, the top priority is often regaining the trust of your loved ones. Committing not only to mending the relationship but also to living a life of sobriety speaks volumes. This decision gives your loved ones confidence in you and hopes for mending the relationship.

Share Your Goals

Some of the most serious damage done is the loss of trust. Trust is foundation for every relationship and without trust, a relationship cannot exist and thrive the way God intends it to. Finally, they have to express remorse and a plan of action for positive change. Rebuilding trust after addiction is not a smooth path. As said before, those who suffer from substance abuse need to focus on their physical and mental health.

One of the best ways to show your loved ones that you are working to make a change and rebuild trust is by seeking help for your addiction. Making the call to enter treatment displays that you are self-aware and recognize the weight of your problem. Trust is a fundamental component of relationships of all types – whether they are friends, co-workers, loved ones, peers, or other relationships.

Steps For Rebuilding Trust After Addiction Recovery

Core values are your basic beliefs about what is right or wrong. Addiction causes people to forget their beliefs and core values because their attention is on the next drink or hit. After you get into recovery, core values can be rebuilt. To truly make amends with the person you hurt, it may mean you have to buy or replace something. And it could be an expression of remorse and honesty. If you’re ready to explore the potential of working together, I’d love to chat.

  • Open communication with your significant others is the platform upon which trust is formed.
  • When we betray a loved one or in some way violate their trust, it can seriously damage the relationship.
  • Even just one lie could set back your progress or make it impossible to ever move forward again.
  • As I write this blog post I am reminded of how far I have come, but more importantly what I needed to do to get here.

Once in recovery, you can make a commitment to rebuilding your health and showing friends and family that you are serious about your sobriety by sticking to a routine. Letting your loved ones know they can trust you again starts with being able to trust yourself. Take steps to actively change your life for the better and prove to yourself and those around you that things are different this time. Some examples can include making commitments or promises and fulfilling them.

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The content of this website is provided for informational purposes only. Nothing contained in this site is or should be considered or used as a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you require a drug and alcohol counsellor or clinician experienced in trauma, PTSD, anxiety and other concerns I can refer out. These character traits are obviously interchangeable and jointly represent that the recovering rebuilding your life after addiction person is starting to become grounded and focused in recovery as well as life. These are actions of determination; impossible to carry out on a regular or continued basis if one is in their addiction. Additionally, the person may attempt to tune you out or distance themselves from you because it’s easier than facing their problem. They may also minimize the extent of their problem or only say what you want to hear just to avoid confrontation.

rebuilding trust after addiction

As you open up about what you are feeling and experiencing, it may help your loved ones to begin feeling connected with you and trusting. How do you feel about the progress you have made in treatment? Thinking through your thoughts will help you articulate everything you want to say. What sort of impact do you want to have on your loved ones? Work with your loved ones to think through your thoughts together and work as a team. Being consistent means creating an orderly routine for yourself.

Will You Do Whatever It Takes?

Next, they must continue to work on themselves by finding healthy hobbies, making new sober friends, and returning to work. Once their loved ones see that they are committed to living a sober life, they may be more open to mending their relationship. When you struggle with addiction, it can be hard to recognize the many ways that substance abuse affects your life. Because substance abuse may change behavior, this can lead you to take risks you may not otherwise take when unimpaired. The repercussions of risk-taking behavior can lead to serious problems like legal troubles, financial issues, divorce, or loss of loved ones. Serious consequences like these can negate trust in your personal and professional relationships.

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